Moose Photography Tours & Workshops

Algonquin park is known around the world as moose country with some 3,500 moose in the park.  And from a wildlife photography point of view there really is nothing more peaceful than sitting in a marsh in the heart of Algonquin Park observing moose in their natural habitat.  For those with plenty of time and a good back paddling along a route can be a great way to experience this Canadian jewel.  For the rest of us who are a little soft, yes I admit it, I prefer to have the comforts of  a flat bottom boat and someone elses muscle or an outboard in this case moving me from spot to spot.

That’s why I join wildlife photographer and guide Michael Bertelsen, he’s got the boat, the local knowledge cause his misspent youth was not in a mall it was in Algonquin Park and he gets you out for first light.  I may be soft on some things but I will get out of bed to catch first light.

A Boat built specifically for Moose Photography

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little envious when I first saw Michael’s moose tour boat.  This thing is tripped up specifically for moose photography and really does set him apart from other moose tour guides. As you can see from the picture each photographer has their own spot so there is no one sitting beside you on the typical bench seating blocking your view and having the seating down the center line means the boat is way more stable.  No rocking in the boat means you can get super sharp images.   However be aware, Michael will poke fun at you for “chimping” but we all have to learn once.:))

The boat has a flat floor and a removable top for protection from the rain, as well as an outboard motor that will get you to the moose quickly while the best light is upon you.  Once the moose have been located Michael will use an electric trolling motor to silently get you in close without disturbing the moose for what is sure to be one of your most memorable wildlife photography experiences of your life.

Quality Not Quantity

Workshops are limited to a maximum of 4 people. This ensures that everyone’s photographic needs will be addressed, giving the highest quality experience possible.

Meeting place to be determined. On location for the early morning light. At noon a picnic style lunch is served and time for a rest, literally.  Michael actually snoozes off for 20-30 minutes but who can blame him when he got home after dark and was up when you and I went to bed. Anyway I have $20 for the next person who can have him waking up with only one eyebrow.:))  Once siesta time is over you’re back on the water for the afternoon shoot.

Our trip to Algonquin Park was all about moose photography and it was truly awesome! The combination of Michael Bertelsen and Algonquin Park is unbeatable… Michael’s expertise and non-invasive approach to wildlife gets you in close to the moose without impacting their normal behavior, perfect for getting those special images. The perspective from the boat is unique and provides a background of the beautiful shoreline and trees as the moose indulge endlessly on lily pads. We are already planning our next trip. Thanks Michael for a great adventure, Larry G. Kinney

Michael, Overdue in thanking you for your wonderful Loon\Moose photo workshop last month. As you know I do a fair bit of wildlife & landscape photography around North America, including attending a number of well known workshops. My experience with you in Algonquin was world class. Not only because of the scenery & wildlife but largely because of your knowledge & enthusiasm. I am already making plans for another trip with you. Thanks, Jack Pasht

Private & Scheduled Moose Photography Workshops and tours.
Please contact him directly for private pricing & availability.

June 8-9, 2017
June 12-13, 2017
June 14-15, 2017
June 16-17, 2017
June 21-22, 2017

If you need accommodations, Michael would be happy to recommend something for you.

Price Includes:

  • Transportation into Algonquin Park if staying near the west end of the park or the Huntsville area.
  • Personalized instruction due to very small groups
  • Picnic style lunch includes : cold cuts, buns, potato salad, fruit, cookies and bottled water

Deposit & Registration for Tours & Workshops

A nonrefundable 50% deposit plus 13% HST is required to reserve your spot.

Please contact Michael directly if you have any other questions, to check availability and to request a booking.  He can be reached by telephone at (705) 789-3126 or through his website at Algonquin Park Photography Tours which by the way has a fantastic gallery of wildlife photography that Michael has captured over the years.